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School Administration

Superintendent of Schools
  Mark E. Hurvitt, Superintendent of Schools
    Cathy Lewis, Interim Director of Special Education
    Dawn McLaughlin, Curriculum Coordinator
    Heather Lanpher, Business Manager          
    Diana Stearns, Bookkeeper                        
    Susan Duddy, Administrative Secretary
    Vernette Bannister, Executive Secretary
    Richard Avery, Tech Coordinator
Administrative Team CIA Committee Technology Committee
  • Mark E. Hurvitt, Chair
  • Sheila Irvine
  • Shelly Schildroth
  • Cammie Lepper
  • Cathy Lewis
  • Jay Corbin
  • Fred Cole
  • Dawn McLaughlin
  • Dawn McLaughlin, Chair
  • Chandra Bisberg
  • Patty Clapp
  • Joan Dwyer
  • Nell Herman
  • Lyndsey Huntington
  • Laura Johns
  • Laura Johns
  • Matt Jurick
  • David Davis
  • Cliff Trainor
  • Richard Avery
Blue Hill School Committee Brooksville School Committee Castine School Committee Penobscot School Committee Surry School Committee

Amy Houghton

Jim Lacasse

John Smallidge

Jan Snow,Chair

Ben Wootten

Matt Freedman

Helen Condon

Patty Tapley

Eliot Coleman

Charles Tarr, Chair

Alyssa Radcliff

Kathy MacArthur, Chair

Joe Spinazola

James Goodman

Anne Hayes-Grillo

Jerry Markley, Chair

Fred Briehl

Charles Brenton

Patricia Jencks

Don Driscoll

Joan Welgoss

Mary Beth Mitchell

Michelle Berger

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