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Surry Policies

Section A - Foundations & Basic Commitment

# Policy/Procedure Adopted Updated
AC Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action 6/15/00 01/03/17
ACAA Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students 6/15/00 11/2/10
ACAA-R Student Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure 3/19/02 12/7/10
ACAB Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees 1/4/11  
ACAB-R Employee Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure 1/4/11 2/1/11
ACAD Hazing 6/20/02 2/1/11
AD Educational Philosophy/Mission 12/13/93 4/5/11
ADA School District Goals and Objectives 12/13/93 4/5/11
ADC Tobacco Use and Possession Policy 1/8/08 01/03/17
ADC-R Tobacco Use and Possession - Administrative Procedures 01/03/17  
ADF School District Commitment to Learning Results                                                          4/1/03 01/03/17

Section B - Board Governance & Operations

# Policy/Procedure Adopted Updated
BBA School Board Powers and Responsibilities 8/12/96 01/03/17
BBAA Board Member Authority and Responsibilities 8/12/96  
BBBA Board Member Qualifications 8/12/96  
BBBE Unexpired Term Filfillment/Vacancies 8/12/96  
BBD Board Declared Vacancy Caused By Absenteeism 9/16/96  
BCA Board Member Code of Ethics 12/13/93  
BCB Board Member Conflict of Interest 2/17/00  
BCC Nepotism 12/13/93 01/03/17
BDB Board Officers 9/16/96 01/03/17
BDBA Duties of Secretary Ex-Officio 9/16/96  
BDD Board-Superintendent Relationship 9/16/96  
BDE Board Committees 9/16/96 01/03/17
BE School Board Meetings 10/17/96 01/03/17
BEA School Board Use of Electronic Mail 9/14/00  
BEC Executive Sessions 10/4/05  
BEC-E Executive Sessions Law 9/14/00  
BEDB Agenda 12/9/96 01/03/17
BEDB-R Agenda Format 01/03/17  
BEDC Quorum 12/9/96 01/03/17
BEDD Rules of Order 12/9/96  
BEDF Voting Method 12/9/96 01/03/17
BEDFA Abstentions 01/03/17  
BEDG Minutes 4/27/04  
BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings 4/27/04 01/03/17
BG School Board Policy Process 12/13/93 11/1/11
BGB Policy Adoption 12/13/93 11/1/11
BGB-R Policy Adoption - Procedures 12/13/93 11/1/11
BHC Board Communication with Staff 3/18/97  
BIA New Board Member Orientation 12/13/93  
BIB Board Member Development Opportunities 12/13/93  
BID Board Member Compensation and Expenses                                                                 3/18/97  

Section C - General School Administration

# Policy/Procedure Adopted Updated
CA Administrative Goals/Priority Objectives 6/9/97  
CB School Superintendent 6/9/97  
CBA Superintendent Authority and Duties 6/9/97  
CBD Superintendent's Contract 6/9/97  
CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent 12/13/93  
CF School Building Administration 6/9/97  
CHD Administration in the Absence of Policy                                                                                12/13/93  

Section D - Fiscal Management

# Policy/Procedure Adopted Updated
DA Fiscal Management Goals/Priority Objectives 11/13/97  
DB Annual Budget 10/7/97  
DH Bonded Employees 10/7/97  
DI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting 10/7/97  
DID Inventories 10/7/97 1/3/12
DIE Audits/Financil Monitoring 10/7/97  
DJ Purchasing and Bidding Procedures 10/7/97  
DJC Petty Cash Accounts 12/17/98  
DM Cash in School Buildings 3/12/98  
DN School Properties Disposition 12/13/93 2/10/15
DNA Capital Assets and Other Assets Policy                                                                                 10/7/03  

Section E - Support Services

# Policy/Procedure Adopted Updated
EB Environmental and Safety Program 4/16/98  
EBAA Chemical Hazards 6/20/02  
EBCA Crisis Response Plan 5/14/98  
EBCB Fire Drills 6/18/98  
EBCC Bomb Threats 2/3/04  
ECB Pest Management in School Facilities 11/4/03 8/2/11
ECB-E1 Pest Management Notification 11/4/03  
ECB-E3 Notice of Planned Pesticide Application 11/4/03  
EDE Waste Management and Recycling 12/17/98  
EEA Student Transportation Services 12/17/98  
EEAG Student Transportation in Private Vehicles 3/15/01  
EEAEG Idling/Fuel Usage of Transporation Vehicles 10/7/03  
EEAH Transportation of Secondary Students 10/7/97  
EEBB Use of Private Vehicles for School Purpose 10/02/12  
EFC Free, Reduced, and Regular Price Food Services 5/14/98  
EFE Competitive Food Sales 10/4/05  
EGAD Copyright Compliance                                                                                                       6/14/01  

Section F - Facilities Development

# Policy/Procedure                                                                                                                          Adopted Updated

Section G - Personnel

# Policy/Procedure Adopted Updated
GA Personnel Goals/Priority Objectives 8/16/01  
GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making 12/13/93  
GBEC Drug-Free Workplace 12/13/93  
GBED Staff No Smoking/Smoking 12/13/93  
GBGAA Employees Infected with HIV and Other Catastrophic Illnesses 2/14/02  
GBGE Return to Work and Light Duty Assignments 6/6/06  
GBJ Personnel Records and Files 11/19/01  
GBJAA Confidentiality in the Hiring Process 4/11/96  
GBN Family and Medical Leave 3/19/02  
GBN-R1 Family and Medical Leave Administrative Procedure 3/19/02  
GBN-R2 Maine Family Medical Leave Administrative Procedure 3/19/02  
GBO Family Care Leave 10/4/05  
GCFB Recruiting and Hiring Administrative Staff 12/13/93  
GCFB-R Recuiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff - Procedures 12/13/93  
GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities 12/13/93  
GCOA Evaluation of Instructional Staff 12/13/93 9/13/16
GCOC Evaluation of Administrative Staff 12/13/93  
GCQC Resignation of School Unit Employees 9/14/00  
GCQCA School Unit Employee References 9/14/00 11/13/08
GCQC/GCQD Resignation of Professional and Support Staff Members 5/13/99  
GCSA Employee/Volunteer Computer and Internet Use 1/13/00  
GCSA-R Employee Computer and Internet Use Rules 1/13/12  
GDF Support Staff Hiring                                                                                                 1/7/14  

Section H - Negotiations

# Policy/Procedure Adopted Updated

Section I - Instruction

# Policy/Procedure Adopted Updated
IGA Curriculum Development & Adoption 09/04/12  
IHBAA Referral and Use of General Education Interventions 10/12/99 01/04/16
IHBAC Child Find 12/12/94 01/04/16
IHBAI Independent Evaluations 12/12/94  
IHBD Compensatory Education/Title I 4/2/13  
IHBG Home Schooling 11/2/04 8/2/11
IHBGA Home Schooling - Participation in School Programs 11/2/04 8/2/11
IHCFB After School Progam Guidelines 10/4/16  
IJJ Instruction and Library-Media Materials Selection 2/3/04 8/2/11
IJJ-E Citizen's Challenge of Educational Media Form 1/10/94  
IJNDB Student Computer and Internet Use 9/7/10 1/7/14
IJNDB-R Student Computer and Internet Use Rules 9/7/10 1/7/14
IJNDB-E Student Computer/Internet Use Acknowledgement Form    
IJNDC Mobile Technology Draft 4/1/03  
IJOA Field Trips and Excursions 2/14/02  
IJOA-R Eighth Grade Class Trip Guidelines 9/1/09 10/4/16
IJOC School Volunteers 9/7/10 10/4/16
IKE Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students 9/12/94 11/4/03
ILA Tests/Assessment 9/12/94  
ILD Educational Research: Student Submission to Surveys, Analyses, or Evaluations 2/3/04  
IMB Teaching About Controversial/Sensitive Issues    
IMDA Patriotic Exercises 9/12/94  
IMDB Flag Displays    
IMG Animals in Schools                                                                                                           10/02/12  

Section J - Students

# Policy/Procedure Adopted Updated
JEA Compulsory Attendance 3/4/08 8/2/11
JFAA Admission of Resident Students 1/10/95 12/2/14
JFAB Admission of Nonresident Students 5/9/94 3/5/15
JFABB Admission of Exchance and Foreign Students 11/19/01  
JFABD Admission of Homeless Children and Youth 2/8/06 4/2/13
JFABE Admission of Migrant Students 4/2/13  
JFC Student Withdrawal From School (Dropout Prevention Committee) 1/10/93  
JG Assignments of Students to Classes 5/8/96  
JHB Truancy 3/4/08  
JI Student Rights and Responsibilities 11/4/03  
JIBC 8th Grade Advisor 10/4/16 12/6/16
JIC Code of Conduct 1/3/12  
JICA Student Dress Code    
JICB Care of School Property by Students 11/4/03  
JICC Student Conduct of School Buses    
JICFA Student Hazing 6/15/00  
JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students 5/15/99  
JICIA Weapons, Violence, and School Safety 11/30/03  
JICK Bullying 10/3/06 12/3/13
JICK-R Bullying - Administrative Procedure 9/1/09 12/3/13
JICK-E1 SES Bullying Report Form 12/3/13  
JICK-E2 SES Bullying Investigation Form 12/3/13  
JICK-E3 Documentation of Disciplinary and Remedial Actions Taken Form 12/3/13  
JICK-E4 SES Bullying Reporting, Investigation and Intervention/Resolution Process Flowchart 12/3/13  
JIH-R Questioning and Searches of Students - Administrative Procedure 10/14/99  
JJE Student Fundraising Activities 8/16/05  
JJIF Concussion Management 6/2/2015  
JJJ Extra Curricular Policy 9/12/94  
JJJ-R Extra Curricular Eligibility 1/12/01  
JK Student Discipline 4/15/99 8/22/06
JKAA-R Physical Restraint and Seclusion 11/03/15  
JKB Detention of Students 2/16/99  
JKD Suspension of Students 4/27/00  
JKE Expulsion of Students 4/27/00  
JKE-R Expulsion of Students - Guidelines 4/27/00  
JKEA Continuation of Education Services for Exceptional Students in Disciplinary Situations 12/12/94  
JKEA-E New Language 12/12/94  
JKF Self Esteem    
JL Student Wellness 6/6/06 2/10/15
JLCB Immunization of Students    
JLCC Communicable/Infectious Diseases    
JLCD Adminstration of Medication to Students 6/7/05  
JLCE First Aid and Emergency Medical Care 4/17/97  
JLCE-R First Aid Procedures 4/17/97  
JLD Guidance and Counseling 10/17/96  
JLF Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect 3/4/08  
JLF-E Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Report Form    
JLIB Student Dismissal Precautions 4/27/00  
JLIF Suicide Awareness Program 1/10/95  
JN School and Community Service 1/10/95  
JP Student Donations and Gifts 1/10/95  
JRA Student Educational Records    
JRA-R Student Educational Records - Procedure    
JRA-E Notification of Rights Under FERPA 4/12/01  
JS Student Aspirations 1/10/95  

Section K - School-Community Relations

# Policy/Procedure                                                                                                                 Adopted Updated
KBF Parent Involvement in Title I 2/8/06 8/4/15
KBG Surry Elementary School Home and School Agreement 6/1/97  
KCD Public Gifts/Donations to the School   2/10/2015
KE Public Concerns and Complaints 11/18/99 01/03/17
KEB Public Concerns/Complaints About Personnel 11/18/99  
KF Community Use of School Facilities 9/8/93 12/01/15
KI Visitors to the School 1/13/00  
KLG Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities 4/27/00  
KLG-R Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities Administrative Procedure    

Section L - Education Agency Relations

# Policy/Procedure                                                                                                                     Adopted Updated

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