The FY24 ESEA application is open for public comment until June 30, 2023. Funding from Title I, II, IVA, and V must be applied for yearly, and we are requesting public input on the projects and expenditures for those funds. 

Please contact or (207) 374-9927 in order to add any comments, suggestions, and concerns. 

"Reading Strategies for Grades K-3" was the topic of our recent Parent Information Night held virtually on June 8th. Literacy expert Darlene Bassett hosted the presentation for parents of students reading at the K-3 level about best practices they can use at home to support their child's early literacy skills. If you would like more information, please contact a Title 1/Interventionist teacher at your child's school or Curriculum Coordinator Dawn McLaughlin.

Check out the presentation in the video below!

Testing and Accountability:

The Every Student Succeeds Act, known as ESSA, was signed into law December 2015 by President Obama. This empowers districts to strengthen school accountability, interventions & innovations by shifting authority from the federal government to the states, creating new opportunities for states to develop innovative approaches that enhance school performance. Click here to learn more about ESSA.

Contact Assistant Superintendent Dawn McLaughlin for more information. 

She is at the Central Office and can be reached by calling 207-374-9927 and by email: .

Gifted and Talented TimeLine and Procedure_ (2).pdf

Gifted and Talented Program
Visual and Performing Arts Policy/Procedures:

Visual Performing Arts Policy(2022).pdf

RTI Policy/Procedures:

School RtI Coordinators:

Tarsha Lescord--Blue Hill
Cammie Fowler--Brooksville
Ann Martin--Penobscot
Lindsey Vagt--Castine
Bryan Lescord--Surry
Shona Terrill--Bay School

School Union 93 MTSS / RTI Flow Chart:


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Dawn McLaughlin is the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning for all Union 93 schools. She is available in the Union 93 Central Office. She can be reached by phone at 207-374-9927 or by email: