Surry Board Minutes


September 13, 2022--Minutes

SES Sept 13, 2022 Meeting Minutes-Draft.pdf

August 9, 2022--Regular Meeting

SES August 9, 2022 Minutes-Draft.pdf

July 5, 2022--Regular Meeting

SES July 5, 2022 Meeting Minutes-Draft.pdf

June 14, 2022--Regular Meeting

SES June 14, 2022 Meeting Minutes-Draft.pdf

June 14, 2022--Enclosures

Surry June Enclosures.pdf

Prior Minutes:

May 3, 2022--Regular Meeting Minutes

SES May 3, 2022 Minutes-Draft.pdf

April 5, 2022--Regular Meeting Minutes

SES April 5, 2022 Regular Meeting Minutes-Draft.pdf

April 5, 2022--Enclosures

April 5 Enclosures.pdf

March 3, 2022--Special Meeting Minutes

SES March 3 Special Meeting Minutes-DRAFT.pdf

March 1, 2022--Regular Meeting Minutes

SES March 1, 2022 Minutes-DRAFT.pdf

March 1, 2022--Regular Meeting Enclosures

Surry March 3 Enclosures.pdf

February 8, 2022--Special Meeting Minutes

SES Feb 8 Special Meeting Minutes-Draft.pdf

February 1, 2022--Regular Meeting

SES Feb 1st Regular Meeting Minutes-Draft.pdf

January 4, 2022--Regular Meeting

**There were no reports from administrators at the January Meetings due to school vacation.**

SES January 4, 2022 Minutes-Draft.pdf

January 4, 2022 Meeting: Enclosures

SES January 4th Enclosures.pdf

December 7, 2021--Draft Minutes with All Enclosures.


November 2, 2021--Regular Meeting Minutes

SES November 2, 2021 Minutes-Approved.pdf

Enclosures from November 2nd Meeting:


**Meeting Minutes prior to November 2021 are listed in the Archive below.**

Surry Meeting Minutes Archive

The table below has links to PDF files of Minutes from School Board Meetings.

Surry School Board Meeting Minutes--Archive