School Union 93 News and Upcoming Events

A view from the Blue Hill Town Park on July 6, 2023. Photo by Jeanne, Central Office Staff.

Welcome to Union 93!

The Union 93 Central Office welcomed Amy Billilngs as Administrative Assistant for Special Education. She will be working along side Special Services Director Sheila Irvine. Amy and her family moved to Sunset, Maine from New Hampshire in July. Welcome to Union 93! You can reach Amy by calling 207-374-9927 or by email:

Parent Information Night Was Held on June 8th 2023 at 5:00 PM 

March 16, 2023 Press Release:

School Union 93 Names New Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and Director of Special Services

School Union 93 has chosen a new Superintendent, an Assistant Superintendent, and a Director of Special Services. At a meeting on Monday evening, Dawn McLaughlin was named Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. Dawn has served as the Curriculum Coordinator for Union 93 since 2015. A few moments later, Sheila Irvine was named Director of Special Services. Sheila has been the Interim Director of Special Services since January, and has previously served as Principal of the Adams School in Castine, and Director of Special Services for Union 93 from 2012 to 2017.

Derek Perkins was named Superintendent of Schools for School Union 93. Derek has been in education for 15 years, serving as a classroom teacher on Indian Island, in RSU 26 and in RSU 87. He was Asst. Principal and Athletic Director of Blue Hill Consolidated School for 2 years, Principal of Cherryfield Elementary School, and is currently the Principal and Superintendent of the Cherryfield School Department. All of these positions take effect on July 1st, 2023. School Union 93 serves the towns of Blue Hill, Brooksville, Castine, Penobscot, and Surry. For more information, contact the Central Office at 207-374-9927 or email

Date: March 16, 2023.

Dawn McLaughlin, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Sheila Irvine, Director of Special Services

Derek Perkins, Superintendent of Schools

Loretta Smith, Blue Hill Consolidated School Secretary has been chosen as the Maine Principals Association Secretary of the Year!

Loretta has served Blue Hill Consolidated school for 38 years. Over the course of Loretta’s 38 year career, she has worked with 9 principals, 7 superintendents, countless teachers, ed techs, and families. Loretta has taken the school through multiple rebuilds, renovations, and shifts in technology to transition the school from paper and pencil to computers and spreadsheets. Loretta is a hub of information for all families and school staff. She is a trusted and loved part of Union 93. One of the most commonly used phrases at Blue Hill Consolidated is “Ask Loretta, she’ll know.”

Besides the day to day tasks of being a front office secretary, Loretta has her hands in most of the projects the school takes part in. Just a few of these are: holiday food baskets, fuel assistance programs, Christmas angels program, winter clothing drives, backpack meal program, and sunshine club. Loretta is truly a staple at BHCS.

Far too often we are busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday school to recognize the people that have committed their lives to this service. Loretta Smith is monumentally deserving of this award. She is a shining example of a life of service to multiple generations of our youth. This award is an exciting opportunity to recognize one of Blue Hill’s finest people. 

Holly Blair, the Executive Director for the MPA will be coming to Blue Hill on March 31st to give Loretta her award.
For more information, contact Principal Dan Ormsby at 207-374-9927 or email

News and Noteworthy Happenings Across School Union 93

Penobscot Community School has been operating on a single bus driver, Rita, since the first day of school.
Rita has driven over 10,000 miles! Thank you Rita!
PCS has hired a 2nd bus driver, Gretchen, who has already been learning the routes around Penobscot under Rita's guidance. 

Surry hosted the Union 93 Teacher's Inservice Day on March 17th and provided this elegant spread for lunch. Thank you teachers and staff for all you do, and thank you Katrina and Jamie for your culinary delights!