Union 93 

The next Union 93 Joint Committee Meeting will be held on Monday, April 29, 2024 at 4:30 PM at Penobscot Community School:  

Union 4.29.24 Agenda.pdf

School Union 93 Board Members

The Union 93 Joint School Committee board consists of the 23 members from the school boards of the five towns: Blue Hill, Brooksville, Castine, Penobscot, and Surry.  The voting power of each board member is determined by a weighted formula based on each town’s proportion of students in the union student population. The Union Board elects a Chair and Secretary.

Currently the Joint Committee Chair is Jerry Markley of Penobscot.

Currently the Joint Committee Secretary is Jake Simmons of Castine.

The weighted breakdown is as follows per the Department of Education’s reporting of the Estimated Census Count for 2022-2023:

Town Votes Per Member      

Blue Hill  566

Brooksville 189

Castine 369

Penobscot 231

Surry        333                       

The number of votes necessary to pass an article is 3,852. To become effective, all actions of the union committee shall be approved by a vote representing more than ½ of the population comprising the units which make up the union committee. In order to have a quorum, twelve school board members must be in attendance with at least one member present from each town in Union #93.


December 18, 2023--Union Committee Meeting Minutes

Union 12.18.23 FINAL Minutes.pdf

November 13, 2023--Union Committee Meeting Minutes

Union 11.13.23 FINAL Minutes.pdf

March 13, 2023--Union Committee Meeting Minutes

Union 93 Committee Minutes, March 13, 2023-Draft.pdf


December 13, 2022--Union Committee Meeting Minutes--Draft

Union #93 Joint Committee Meeting Dec 13, 2022--MINUTES-Draft.pdf

December 13, 2022 --
Union 93 Joint Committee Meeting Agenda

Union 93 Committee Agenda, December 13, 2022-FINAL.pdf

November 15, 2022--Meeting Minutes

Union 93 Committee November 15, 2022 Meeting Minutes-Draft.pdf

November 15, 2022


Union 93 Committee Agenda, November 15, 2022-Final.pdf

May 16, 2022--Meeting Minutes

Union 93 Joint Meeting May 16, 2022--Minutes_Draft.pdf

May 16, 2022--Meeting Agenda

May 16, 2022 Union Board Meeting Agenda--Draft.pdf


December 15, 2021
Union 93 Joint Committee Meeting Minutes (Draft)


December 15, 2021 Meeting Agenda:

Dec 15, 2021 Union Committee Agenda-Draft.pdf

Minutes from November 16, 2021 Union 93 Joint Committee Meeting:

Union 93 Joint Committee Nov. 16th Meeting-Minutes-Final.pdf

Enclosures from November 16, 2021 Meeting:

Enclosures from November 16 Union Board meeting 2021.pdf

November 16, 2021--Agenda

Nov 16, 2021 Union Committee Agenda-Final.pdf

MINUTES -- MAY 17, 2021

May 17, 2021 Minutes.docx

May 17, 2021--Agenda 

May 17, 2021 agenda.docx

Minutes Prior to May 2021 are in the Archive below
The table below has links to PDF files of Minutes from School Board Meetings.

Union 93 Joint Committee Meeting Archive

Union 93 Joint Board Meeting Minutes--Archive