Union 93 Personnel

Reg Ruhlin,

Matthew Wibberly
Director of Special Services

Dawn McLaughlin,
Curriculum Coordinator

Susan Duddy,
Sp. Ed. Administrative Secretary

Heather Lanpher
Business Manager

Diana Stearns
Payroll/Human Resources

Jeanne Dennison
Administrative Assistant

Meet the Central Office Staff:

Reg Ruhlin became Union 93 Superintendent of Schools in July 2021, after 27 years as a teacher and high school principal.

Matthew Wibberly, Director of Special Services.

Matthew Wibberly became Union 93 Director of Student Services in December 2021, after 8 years as a special education teacher and assistant director of student services.

Dawn McLaughlin has been Union 93 Curriculum Coordinator since 2016, after teaching for more than 20 years.

Union 93 Business Manager Heather Lanpher oversees the union's finances and contracts.

Diana Stearns is Union 93's HR and payroll assistant.

Susan Duddy is Union 93 Administrative Secretary and welcomer-in-chief.

Jeanne Dennison is the Union 93 Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.

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Union93 Personnel